Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Moving to France in Spring

Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Moving to France in Spring

Starting a new life outside of New York City can be a significant change, especially if you plan to move to Europe. With everything Big Apple offers, it might be hard to imagine life in a different city. It seems like New Yorkers love moving to France, especially during the spring months. So, why is this? What’s so appealing about France that makes Americans want to change their address? Is it the fantastic cuisine, friendly people, or the amazing beauty of nature? If you are planning to move to France with your family, you might want to get to know more about this country. So, let’s look at some interesting reasons why New Yorkers love moving to France in spring.

Why do New Yorkers love moving to France?

When speaking of international relocation, it’s only natural to expect a culture shock. Different people, habits, and lifestyles are just some of the things on this list. There are a few simple reasons why New Yorkers, in particular, love moving to France in spring. Cultural diversity is what both of these places are known for, and besides, French cuisine is hard to say no to!

If you are a New Yorker looking for a change of scenery and a new family home, you might want to consider this relocation. After moving to France, you will have plenty of new experiences to enjoy, learn about French culture, and adapt to new ways of living with your family. If you plan to move with kids to this country, you will have many international or local schools at your disposal. Spending time with family outside is one of the reasons why New Yorkers love moving to France in spring.

New Yorkers love French food!

There are not many people who haven’t heard about the famous French cuisine. French people are known for their food, whether it’s the famous croissants, one of many local cheese varieties, or a glass of the finest wine. Therefore, local food is one of the main reasons New Yorkers love moving to France in spring.

People are really friendly

The urban lifestyle and complicated traffic made it difficult to communicate with people outside. Every person who ever lived in NYC knows how busy the streets can get. New Yorkers know that most of their citizens will mind their own business and not bother to say hello on the street. Things are pretty different in France, especially during the spring months.


Whether you move to a small suburban town or the center of Paris, people will most likely welcome you and want to chat. For example, if you visit any local food market in spring, locals will greet you with a smile even if they don’t know you. Moreover, it’s perfectly fine to say hello to any salesperson you want to buy from. In spring, local food markets in France are beautiful to look at and even more enjoyable to shop in.

Driving around can actually be a joy

The spring is probably the best time you can choose to move to France, especially if you want to explore the outdoor places and nature sites. Spending time outdoors in France can be a unique experience. If you plan to relocate to a bigger city like Paris, getting from one place to another will not be a problem.

Even though rush-hour jams are a thing in both New York City and Paris, drivers in France seem to be way friendlier. If a pedestrian is standing by the crossing, most drivers would assume that they want to cross. Also, driving around will not be as stressful as in NYC since most drivers keep their distance and don’t speed excessively.

What to prepare for a family relocation to France?

If you have already decided to move to France with your family, making a moving plan should be your next step. First, you should consider different options for choosing the exact location for your new home. Moving with children is always a big decision, especially when relocating to another continent. Once you find a new home, you can decide to organize the move yourself, or even better, look for an international moving service. Packing your entire home and transporting belongings overseas will be stressful, so you should let professionals do all the work.

What should you know before moving internationally with kids?

Besides making the actual moving plan, you will have to prepare your family for the big change. And we say family, we mean – kids. If you are a parent, you will know the best way to approach your kids during the moving process.


Small children might feel excited about the move since they don’t understand the upcoming changes. School-age kids and teenagers might feel overwhelmed and unprepared to leave their old lives behind. No matter the age of your kids, you’ll have to find a way to make international moving with kids easy for the entire family. This is why you’ll have to help them enjoy the process and prepare them for the relocation day.


A simple way to do it is to include all family members in the planning process. You can let your kids pack their favorite items, label the boxes, or plan the first weekend in the new city. There’s a lot that your children can do – it’s all about finding the most age-appropriate activity for them.

Springtime in France can be magical!

Relocating to France from New York could feel overwhelming, especially after moving with kids. Once reliable movers like Eagle Van Lines help you unpack and settle into your new home, you can start exploring your new environment! Whether you move to a small suburban town or a city like Paris, you will love spending time with your family here.


Springtime in this country shows the best sights that nature has to offer. Visiting local parks, food markets, or just exploring the neighborhoods on foot will be perfect for family time in France. It’s no wonder that New Yorkers love moving to France in spring. If you are tired of living in the busiest city in the US, moving to France with your family could be a nice change!


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